“How to update my theme?”

This question applies to ELITE FORCE - Premium Wordpress Theme, EPROM - WordPress Music Theme, HYPAX – Premium Wordpress Theme, MODUS – Premium Wordpress Theme, PENDULUM – Premium Wordpress Theme and RAIDEN - Premium Wordpress Theme


Re-download theme package and install new version. The upgrade is the same way you originally downloaded the first file. Right under the price on top on the right hand side of the screen. that same 'download it here' link, gives you the new file. For our updating you are never paying. The most important aspect of updating is that one should always have made a backup of their site and database prior to performing an update.

Updates are very easy to do, but because we are dealing with the internet, and also several different programs attempting to work together, sometimes updates will fail, and "bad things" can happen to your existing site. If you have made a backup, then the problems may be reversible. Many often worry that upgrading by ftp overwrite will cause one to lose the existing content they have input into their site. This is not the case. Your content, formatting and images you have uploaded are not effected.

If you have made any custom modifications to your php files - for example you have have hardcoded changes to a file, you will lose those modifications in the update method above. You should definitely save each php or css file you have "hard" modified, so that you can reinstall them after the global program update.

Please, read '/THEME/changelog.txt' carefully. In this file you have the information which files we edited. We wrote also details which code we changed.

Update via FTP

1. Download the latest version of your THEME from Themeforest to your drive. As long as you are a purchaser of our THEME, you always are entitled to all upgrades free. So check back every so often to the your THEME page on Themeforest.

If you see that an upgrade has been released and you have an older version number, log into your account, go to the downloads page of your themeforest account interface, and download THEME again. Before you unzip the download, you should copy the THEME folder to your hard_drive then name it "THEME_old".

2. Unzip the download package. And go to /THEME/ and unzip

3. It is very easy to do an update via ftp (such as FileZilla Open your ftp program, and on the drive side, navigate to the /THEME/THEME_version_number/ subfolder. On the host side, navigate to your WordPress installation root directory: /wp-content/themes/ Where you have your current version of THEME installed. Simply drag /THEME_version_number/ folder from your drive to the themes folder. Now on your server should have two THEME folders.

4. Log back into your wordrpess admin and go to your themes panel. You should see the latest version of THEME installed (check the version number).

5. Activate theme.

6. Go to THEME settings and click on "Save settings"

7. Go back into your FTP program and now you can remove old theme version from your themes folder. You are done your update!